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01/October/ 2023 - The Anchoress and her version of Martha's Harbour

The Anchoress, (aka Catherine Anne Davies / Catherine AD) is about to release her album 'Versions', and one of the versions she has created is Martha's Harbour. She was recently interviewed by Adam Walton for BBC Introducing on BBC wales.

I really recommend listening to the entire interview, but the discussion of 'Versions' begins at 1 hour and 24 minutes, and of Martha's Harbour specifically at 1 hour and 33 minutes.

Why listen to the entire thing? Well, Catherine and Adam share some captivating perspectives, thoughts and experiences with clarity, warmth and intelligence. You also get to hear about how women are still under represented in the areas of music production, which is something I wrote about in a chapter in the book Gender and Music Production.

Do listen, but here's a few spoilers:
Catherine and Adam seem to agree that AAE were patronised by the media to a certain extent, and Adam expresses a hope that The Anchoress' version of Martha's Harbour might inspire listeners to explore our back catalogue. (Here's hoping they explore what Tim and I are currently creating also).

Catherine reminisces about listening to Martha's Harbour as a small child and also, generously, alerts listeners to how until comparatively recently I've been a senior lecturer in Songwriting at Bath Spa University and that I'm not what some might still think I am, to paraphrase her, '...that girl with the microphone that doesn't work'. The next thing Catherine says I won't repeat as it would sound like an immense and colossal brag I were to do so. But thank you Catherine, and thank you Adam.

Versions is available here at Bandcamp
Record / Vinyl - CD - Digital Download are available to preorder now for delivery by 6th October 2023.

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