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29/September/2023 - Release Day Flowers in the Kitchen.

She was wonderful to teach - although in all honesty, there wasn't really anything I could teach her about songwriting - and so my role was really to help guide her through her dissertations. Fast forward to several years after graduation, and we've kept in touch, and are working together. My Dreamworld is the first piece we created, and we have several other songs in various states of glorious disarray and progress. I am only one of a number of creative people she's working with, but I'm proud to say that My Dreamworld is she and I.

And so today I answer the door to this cheerful mass of flowers she's sent. They're currently on the kitchen window sill because that's got the best light at this time of day and I wanted to show them in all their glory. They will be moved to a less utilitarian spot shortly.

I really should get those kitchen windows cleaned and refresh the paintwork...

But today is release day and the time for pre-saves has passed. You can go to Sp*tify or Apple or any of the 'major platforms' and you'll find 'My Dreamworld' there from today. Thankfully, you can also buy it as a digital download here.
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